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Private Hospitals in South Korea


Anse Hospital
59, Nonhyeon-Dong,
T: (2) 541-1541

Daehang Hospital
481-10, Bangbae 3-Dong,
T: (2) 3472-9908

Daesung Hospital
234-2, Hongje-Dong,
Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 394-9101

Dongbu Seongsim Hospital
25-3.5, Noyu-Dong,
Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 464-3443

Dongjak Soonchunhyang Hospital
Sangdo-dong 188-29,
T: (2) 822-8112

Dongseo Hospital
88-747, Weolgok-Dong,
Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 942-3611

Gaya Hospital
852-14, Bangbae 4-Dong,
Seocho-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 537-1121

Geunhwa Hospital
884-44, Bongcheon 10-Dong,
Gwanak-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 886-5551

Handok General Hospital
586-13, Sindaebang-Dong,
Dongjak-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 832-7751

Hansol Hospital
174-14, Seokchon-Dong,
Songpa-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 413-6224

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