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Government Hospitals in South Korea

Eulji Hospital
280-1, Hagye-Dong Nowon-Gu,
T: (2) 972-0033

Gangbuk Samsung Hospital
108, Pyeong-Dong,
Jongno-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 2001-2001

Geumgang Asan Hospital
301-165, Ichon-Dong,
Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 799-5000

Guro Medical Center
80, Guro-Dong,
Guro-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 818-6114

Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital
94-200, Yeongdeungpo-Dong,
Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 2639-5114
F: (2) 2633-7571

Hanil Hospital
388-1, Ssangmun-Dong,
Dobong-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 901-3114

Hankook General Hospital
55, Jae-Dong,
Jongno-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 3668-2600

Hanyang University Medical Center
17, Haendang-Dong,
Seongdong-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 2290-8114

Heemyung Hospital
882-31, Siheungbon-Dong,
Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 804-0002

Hongik Hospital
899-1, Sinjeong-Dong,
Yangcheon-Gu, Seoul
T: (2) 2693-5555

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