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South Korea Driving License

Procedures for Getting a Driver's License

To drive in Korea you will need a valid Korean drivers license or an international license, and of course insurance cover. An international driver's license is as valid as a Korean driver's license. However, it is valid for one year only, so conversion to a Korean driver's license is necessary if you are planning to stay longer.

There are twenty-four Driver's License Examination Centres in charge of license application and issuance. If you want to change your current license to a Korean license, just walk into any of the centres and follow the steps listed below:

• Required documents: Translated and notarised driver's license issued in your country of origin / passport or certificate of immigration / 4 photos (3x4 cm);
• The translation and notarisation fees are to be paid;
• A signature of a translator is required;
• Application and physical examination fees cost an additional KRW5,000.

It usually takes 7 to 10 days to get a Korean driver's license. A Korean driver's license is valid for 7 years.

First Time Driver's License

Getting a first time driver's license requires the following procedures:

• Minimum residence for a foreigner is 6 months;
• Complete the same application form as Korean citizens. The application fee is KRW7,000;
• Required documents: passport or Alien Registration Certificate / 4 photos (3x4 cm);
• A physical examination is also required. The fee is KRW7,000.

Examinations are given in English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese, and the length of the license term varies from 3 to 7 years, depending on the type of license (commercial or passenger).

Driver's License Renewal

A Korean driver's license is valid for seven years. You can renew the license three months in advance of the expiration date (every seven years). Your photo (3x4 cm), your current driver's license and renewal fees are required





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